Make a Difference


The future of the Passion Foundation is ever growing.

With our completed book and workbook Phenomenal Women: Our Lives. Our Passion. Our Community young women everywhere can create a Passion Project in their community.

Our vision is to build our capacity to work with young women across Canada while partnering with agencies all over the world.

We have a few projects in the works in Vancouver, Kampala, and Nairobi; as the young women we have trained and continue to work with start initiatives in their communities.

We are also working on a new project called Global Sorority that will connect with 100 girls and young women in 12 countries in the next 2 years. Our goal is to use Global Sorority to start an epic dialogue on leadership roles of young women and how that will support a brighter future for us.

Within 2-3 years our vision is to have a small centre in Vancouver where young women can call their second home. A place to create, learn, and feel supported in whatever they are working on. We currently are running our office out of Lunpads International in Vancouver, BC thanks to Madeleine and Suzanne!


Interested in getting involved?


Become our champion and help us spread the word in your community

Become a community donor and sponsor a project in your community

Become a corporate donor and work with us to start projects across British Columbia

Become a board member

Become a volunteer and work with us

We are currently looking for volunteers who have administration/ business talents,  media backgrounds, and young women who are interested in creating programs in their communities.





 Click the donate button:

We are run by amazing volunteers at the moment and our hope is to employ young women to be trainers and mentors in their communities in the near future. All donations go directly toward the Passion2Action Scholarship Fund which provides girls and young women with our Passion Project leadership, coaching series.

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