Our Mission


Our Present is Our Future

In today’s world young women find more
connection with what is going on around them rather than what is going on within them.
Our environment creates pressures for girls to “fit in” and as a result has caused uncertainty about how they can achieve success in life. These environmental influences can affect the self worth of young women and create the potential for self-harm through substance misuse and abuse, cutting, unhealthy relationships, and poor self-care. Passion Foundation’s mission is to help young women achieve personal success in life by supporting each other.

By providing opportunities for leadership development, self exploration, positive role modeling and community building we aim to decrease self harm and help young women to connect with their life purpose while being part of a community of success oriented peers; building on leadership and mentorship skills.

Help make the Future Brighter

By supporting our organization and programming you are providing support and encouragement to young women who are in need of avenues to get connected with their full potential.



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