Leadership Training

 The Elements of SUCCESS and Passion Projects

Since 2008 we have being providing gender specific leadership development programs and workshops in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and partnering with organizations overseas. To date we have worked with over 400 girls in five countries.

The Elements of SUCCESS leadership program, created by Passion Foundation’s Founder, Loretta Cella, is accompanied with an art’s based community project called a Passion Project. The program runs over 18 hours and provides girls tools and resources to reach their full potential; building their confidence, self esteem, communication skills, and ability to think critically about their life and their choices as individuals and within a group. Aimed at girls and young women 11-18 years of age the program walks participants through each module learning more about who they are; creating a strong foundation of success within that then ripples out into the world.


Self Exploration

Understanding Limitations are Self Imposed



Evaluation of Skills

Skill Development



Each Passion Project is a community project or initiative. Here are a couple examples:


A group of extraordinary young women in Burnaby wrote, directed, and created this video for their community project



This was part of a project completed by a group of girls in the Burnaby Youth Custody Center. Their community project was created with the theme of forgiveness and acceptance and displayed Dec. 20, 2009 Jan 14, 2010 at the UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver adjacent for the public skating rink.People from all over North American viewed and contributed to the figures made of sustainable materials. Check out our article in the Vancouver Observer


Participants will gain self development skills as well as career development skills learning about strong team work, communication skills, problem solving, project management, based customer service and more. Participants have an opportunity to gain hours toward high school graduation and references for work and college applications.

We have worked with elementary schools, high school schools, organizations and clubs within Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey as well as in Uganda, Kenya, and India.


For PACs, Parents, Teachers, and Community Partners


For more information on how to get a program within your organization and school please contact us


If you are an American or Canada school, agency or organization seeking to be part of the Global Sorority initiative please visit the Global Sorority website 


Passion Foundation has over 25 volunteers in Canada and the US. We have supported the creation of seven international projects and have more than 15 community partnerships.

Passion Foundation's work is based on community partners coming together for the greater good. We are always seeking to build new partnerships, for more information on please contact us


Our Poster Awareness Series


Thanks to our amazing volunteer Brooke Allen, Artist and Emily Carr Institute instructor, we have a beautiful poster series available to schools and youth centres. Poster series costs $20 to community agencies and schools with 100% of the proceeds go back into new programming.






Past Programs


A new project was launched in Spring 2011! Lead by the amazing Jennifer McRae of Simon Fraser University, the project aimed to engage a group of young women in the Metro Vancouver Area in discussion, dialogue, leadership about sustainable communities.

The five dynamic young women from New Westminster, West Vancouver, and Kitsilano areas who participated in the pilot project met weekly to engage in discussions and community events, location discoveries and connected with mentors who shared their passions for sustainability.

It was a powerful journey over the four month program that resulted in personal and professional development, community event participation, and an opportunity for the participants to take part in Lori Petryk's new show called Good for You, Good for the Earth on Shaw cable.

Here is what Hanna says about the passionTOaction experience:

The p2a program has gone by so fast; its amazing to think back on all our accomplishments within such a short period of time. I have distinct memories from each p2a meeting which I will hold forever, along with the inspiration, self discoveries and knowledge I picked up along the way. I genuinly thank both of you wonderful role models, for putting time and effort into empowering young women. It means so, so much. If every girl were given the opportunities, tools, connections and information we recieved, I believe our world would see revolutionary changes. I know we have not finished p2a completely , but I felt I must state my thank you's while they're still fresh in my mind. So, Thank you

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