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I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. – Maya Angelou


Global Sorority

Global Sorority’s mission is to create awareness around gender equality, provide young women with sustainable leadership education and to facilitate a global sisterhood that mobilizes change, inspires action and promotes economic opportunity

Global Sorority is a movement to create change globally starting right here at home in Canada.

Our aim is to provide the Elements of SUCCESS leadership training to girls in 12 countries in the next two years in addition to resources to sustain education with each girl receiving a Pads4Girls Kit.   All the while  our team will be filming the process to collect data and some research and then connecting girls internationally with girls and young women in Canada through a virtual sorority platform.

Global Sorority We have just completed the first of our series: Uganda, Italy, and Ireland. We are proud to announce that Global Sorority: The Introduction premiered at the Projecting Change Film Festival in Vancouver, BC on April 28, 2013.

Our next journey will be to Vietnam and the Philippines in the Fall of 2013.


In 2012 the Global Sorority team headed over Mumbai and Bangalore, India to find our more visit the Global Sorority website





Our Phenomenal sister in Kampala are doing amazing things! Fasie and Xubie are two extremely talented sisters and young female artists. Fasie is a hip hop emcee with a positive message of hope and Xubie is a visual artist with a message of empowering young women. After starting a small Passion Project with them in 2010 they have now gone on to starting their own movement we are supporting called Youth Phenominal Women. For more information check out their Facebook page


In 2008 Loretta Cella, Executive Program Director of the Passion Foundation was able to create some leadership programming for young women while on vacation in Kenya.

As a result of this work for Africa Youth Trust, Brenda Isabel, our phenomenal Kenyan sista, was able to empower over 500 young women in two years time as a Passion Youth Coach and start her own movement in Kenya.

Brenda is now working hard to make a difference within her community with local support; empowering young women to stay in school by providing them with a safe space to be themselves and learn new skills.

Kampala. Gulu 2010

In February 2010 Loretta Cella and Maughan Mariani, Executive Director of the Bavbuka Foundation teamed up and trained over 100 young women in 15 days using the same tools developed for the Passion Project. The girls and women learned leadership tools for self growth as well as to give back into their communities.


We teamed up with Anena of WEDA in 2010 to train a group of over 50 female students in Mlonogo, Kenya on Passion Project materials. We even brought Brenda from Nairobi to the workshops so they would have another amazing local role model to keep them inspired!


The Women’s Empowerment Development Agency works with high-risk teenage girls in Mlolongo, Kenya, a prostitution hotspot. With a soccer team, life coaching workshops, and other after-school activities, we provide the girls a support structure built around school attendance, because if they don’t finish high school they’ll have little choice but to become prostitutes—and we want these girls to have a choice. WEDA works in close partnership with the school staff to help imbue the girls with a sense of their own potential and worth. We are passionate about teaching girls they are the agents of their own bodies and futures! -Anena Hansen


Our goal is to start establishing a global community of young empowered women who are living their full potential connecting to others to create change.  Girls support girls to make change in the world together.


“It was really uplifting. Lots of girls think this stuff isn’t important, but it really is.” – E.C. (Vancouver)