Social Change Monkees

With the help and inspiration of Jade we’ve created Social Change Monkees, a small contract opportunity for our Passion Leaders to start to make some income and a larger impact on the world because, well… they CAN!

Social Change Monkees is a chance for young women like Jade and Liz to work through their challenges and put smiles on others faces. Right now Jade and Liz make sock monkeys for soliders through IR Solutions in Ottawa, ON. Each soldier who works with IR Solutions receives a welcome Social Change Monkee from Jade or Liz.

Our goal is to continue to grow Social Change Monkees so more girls and young women have an opportunity to take their crafts and share them with others; bringing smiles to their faces.

If you’d like to know how you can get Social Change Monkees to your clients please contact us


Passion Necklaces

We have a few more Passion Necklaces in stock! $20/ each – All funds go toward our Leadership Scholarship Fund for girls in need in Canada.



Corporate Business

Passion Team believes that corporate responsibility is important. Does your business’ target market align with ours? By supporting our work you are giving back to our community in a BIG way. Contact us about having our necklaces in your stores!

Every dollar goes to help you share a life changing experience with girls in Canada. Whether it’s a monthly donation or funding for an entire community project your support will go along way in developing our communities.

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